• If you are a health professional who wants to create a better health system and are interested in patient safety, quality, and affordability, you belong with the Health Activist Network. The Health Activist Network is a coherent force for creating a better health system: the Network members and Action Groups advocate for safety, quality and affordability through improved health practices and policies.

    We work in a health system that causes 200,000+ patient deaths annually from medical errors, wastes 35% of spending, and provides recommended care only half of the time. As Health Activist Network members, we believe it’s time to create the health system that we and our patients deserve—a system that:

    • is free of waste and errors
    • provides evidence-based practices
    • partners with patients on their journey to better health
    • improves people’s behavioral, social, and physical health
    • offers affordable health care
    • treats patients compassionately
    • tracks data to drive continuous learning and improvement
    • empowers providers with training in safety science and quality engineering
    • reports access, quality, and cost information to the public, and
    • operates under policies that support this type of health system

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